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Kikuchi Ayaka Was originally a 3rd generation member in 2006, was forced to leave the group when she was caught dating a fan in 2008.

Reauditioned and became a research student of the 7th generation in the same year.

Around the same time the QR code of his personal account was additionally leaked making it so anyone could add him or look up his profile, Yuya was forced to swiftly delete his account in response.

Luckily for Yuya, the contents of the leaked information weren’t scandalous or incriminating.

In the early morning of April 1, the police were called after a woman in her 30s reported being hugged by a drunk on the streets, who turned out to be Yuto Nakajima.

The incident will most likely not turn into a police case as the woman is not pressing charges.

Being different is not easy, especially when others totally reject you for that, but it is the best thing when you learn to accept your difference and be proud of it.

I really don't know what else to write as a summary...

Yuya doesn’t understand why such a small limit is in place and was frustrated that he wouldn’t let all his friends come see him perform.

Watanabe Miyuki Rumoured to have invited some male fans to hotel room for a dating party in 2011.

Some other girls in NMB48 were involved and they were suspended.

She resigned as captain of Team K, but was reinstated later.

She graduated from AKB48 in August 2013 and is active as an actress.

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but it's basically an AU in which NEWS are not idols, and they meet in different circumstances.