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BACKGROUND You have successfully deployed a Hybrid Configuration between your on-premises Exchange 2010 SP3 Organization and Exchange Online.

Step 2: Go to the Share group on the Home tab, and click the Calendar Permissions button.

Set permission for viewing Free/Busy information in Outlook 20Set permission for viewing Free/Busy information in Outlook 2007Note: The permission for view Free/Busy information will share part of information in your Microsoft Outlook with other users, and it requires your email account is an exchange one.

This method will show you how to set or change the permission lever for others viewing your free and busy information easily in Microsoft Outlook 20.

If you want to share free/busy only with others on your same network, you only need a folder on the network with Read/Change permissions for Everyone, Authenticated users, or Anonymous.

If you want to share with people outside of your network, you need to publish it on an Internet server (using either HTTP or FTP).

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So to set it to 5 minutes, the cmdlet would be Set-Cs Client Policy -MAPIPoll Interval .

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