Blokes and sheilas dating

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Any man will tell you they are indispensable for packing picnic-baskets, and for keeping other women company while you are drinking with their husbands At the weekend I was watching ladies' beach volleyball with my old mate Gazza....Pointing at the television with his beer, Gazza remarked: "Mate, this is one game that should be played in the nude". Miriam Dixson, Historian, University of New England, 1976 War historian Gavin Long wrote: "Australians have always treated their women a little worse than dogs" - but the Americans also bought flowers for mothers, cigars for fathers, candybars for childen.Similar pleas were being sent to the post office, he said.The first tour, which took 50 Sydney women to the rural town of Tamworth was a success, with an "85 per cent pick up rate", she said.The page was clearly marked "Australian Domestic Appliance".

But it is not true that Ordinary Australians fail to recognise the value of women. But in reality most heterosexual males assume that any romantic attraction they experience is mutual when it comes to female friends. So why would it be any different the other way around?Let's face it if your "friend" is giving you a red candle made out of chocolate and shaped like a teddy bear with scribbles all over it that plays a tune when you wind it up for your birthday, you are not friends. And in turn women consistently underestimated the level of attraction felt by their male friends. So once again I thought I would provide the readers with some more life tips: Blokes (as explained above) can't be friends with sheilas.Let's just say, it didn't come across as polite.(Thinking on it later, she was probably from the South and had managed to lose the accent but not her speech habits.)If a male greeted me with dear, darling or honey I would find it camp or sarcastic depending on tone.

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Brie Petersen came up with the idea after visiting friends in the rural town of Mungindi in Queensland.

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