Azdgdating iran and america

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Azdgdating iran and america

This was followed by an era of very close alliance and friendship between Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi's regime and the U. government, which was in turn followed by a dramatic reversal and disagreement between the two countries after the 1979 Iranian Revolution. Amir Kabir, Prime Minister under Nasereddin Shah, also initiated direct contacts with the American government in Washington.

Opinions differ over what has caused the cooling in relations. By the end of the 19th century, negotiations were underway for an American company to establish a railway system from the Persian Gulf to Tehran.

Congress has conducted sustained, rigorous oversight on this issue with multiple Committee hearings, classified briefings, and the passage of legislation I authored, the Countering Iran in the Western Hemisphere Act, into law in 2012.

Unfortunately, the Obama Administration continues to ignore this threat even while Iran and Hezbollah expand their reach.

Some quick numbers: After this hypothetical war, the US has to deal with 80 million people from a proud, ancient, and fiercely independent land spread across mountainous and rugged terrain far larger than Iraq. Still, I think (pure conjecture now) that a nation building effort would be more effective in Iran compared to Iraq or Afghanistan exactly because of those above traits.

Iran, unlike other Middle Eastern countries the US has tried to interfere in, is not a made up country.

Initially, while Iran was very wary of British and Russian colonial interests during The Great Game, the United States was seen as a more trustworthy foreign power, and the Americans Arthur Millspaugh and Morgan Shuster were even appointed treasurers-general by the Shahs of the time. Americans had been traveling to Iran since the early to mid-1880s, even before political relations existed between the two.

Ayatollah Khomeini created a theocracy in Iran which imprisoned and executed thousands of its own citizens, forced tens of thousands into exile, and even took American diplomats hostage. For most of the war, it was Iran that appeared on the verge of victory, so Washington had little choice but to support Iraq.Iranian explanations include everything from the natural and unavoidable conflict between the Islamic Revolution on the one hand, and perceived American arrogance Other explanations include the Iranian government's need for an external bogeyman to furnish a pretext for domestic repression against pro-democratic forces and to bind the government to its loyal constituency. Until World War II, relations between Iran and the United States remained cordial.The Treaty of Commerce and Navigations (signed in 1856) was the first diplomatic interaction the United States and Persia had. As a result, many Iranians sympathetic to the Persian Constitutional Revolution came to view the U. as a "third force" in their struggle to break free of British and Russian dominance in Persian affairs.The following are excerpted statements from the subcommittee chairmen and testimony of the witnesses.“Given the impending deadline for nuclear negotiations over Iran’s illicit nuclear weapons program, I believe it is critical for the U. to re-examine Iran and Hezbollah’s activities in our own neighborhood.

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On March 18, the House Subcommittee on the Middle East and North Africa and the Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere held a joint hearing about Iran and Hezbollah’s involvement in Central and South America.

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